Know How Different Types Of Web Hosting Plans Can Help You

If you want to make a website, you must first find and get the kind of hosting plan that fits to the needs of the website that you are going to create. Today, there are various companies that provide a hosting plan.

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web hosting

On one hand, what is a hosting plan anyway? A webhosting plan is needed when you are going to build a website. This is because the hosting plan contains tools and services that you need in order for your website to be accessible over the web. The hosting plan is also your means of putting contents on your website. Now, let’s get to know some hosting companies and the web hosting plans that they offer.


First in the list is iPage. This hosting provider is one of the most affordable of all. In fact, it can provide a hosting plan package for as low as $2.95 per month. Now that is extremely affordable. But the question is, can this hosting company provide an excellent service? Let’s find out. In the $2.95 that you will pay a month, you will get an unlimited diskspace & bandwidth, domain registration is free of charge, a security suite is provided for free, free site builder tool so you can create your site with just a few clicks, as well as you will not be contributing on the pollution as iPage gets its power source from natural & renewable energy. By the way, in case that you do won’t love the hosting plan package that you got, then you can always get your money back anytime. Not all hosting companies can provide an anytime money back guarantee. This money back offer of iPage just assures that they are among the best web hosting plans provider.


Another great hosting company is Inmotion. According to experts, if you are looking for a solid hosting plan for your business website, then you might want to try out the various hosting plans that are offered by Inmotion. This hosting company can provide shared hosting and VPS hosting, as well as dedicated servers if you are really into a great web hosting experience. By the way, dedicated servers are quite expensive and are mostly used by big companies. In terms of business websites, Inmotion is clearly one of the best hosting providers that can be great on your business site.


Another affordable hosting provider is Fatcow which offers a hosting package for as low as 3$ a month during the initial term.

You will have no problems if ever you want to transfer your site to be hosted by fatcow as this hosting company provides assistance. The customer service of fatcow is also one of the best due to the fast response of the customer service representatives. Not just that as the customer service representatives are well trained when it comes to troubleshooting.

All in all, there are other web hosting companies aside from the hosting providers listed above. You just have to get the hosting plan that fits both your budget and needs.

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